Extend the life of your oriental rug with these hints and tips

If you own a genuine Persian or oriental rug then you will know that you have an expensive piece of artwork in your home that needs to be looked after properly. Therefore, keeping the rug clean and well cared for is vital to ensure its longevity. This guide will provide you with a few tips and hints to help you care for your oriental rug.

1. Vacuum regularly to prevent a build up of dirt and grime which can eventually ruin the rug.
2. Vacuum or sweep under the area rug.
3. Don’t vacuum the fringes of the rug; instead use a broom to sweep away debris.
4. Rotate your oriental rug regularly to avoid fading from any sunlight coming into the room or high traffic causing wear and tear.
5. Use rug pads under your oriental area rug to reduce slipping and sliding of the rug and to provide extra cushioning.
6. Clean up stains immediately using a carpet cleaning solution that is suitable for oriental carpets. Always spot check on an inconspicuous area before using.
7. Have your oriental rug cleaned by a professional every 12 months or so. Ensure that the company is an expert in treating oriental and Persian carpets.
8. If your oriental rug is ever damaged, take it to a rug repairer who has extensive experience in repairing oriental and Persian rugs.

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