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Enhance your decor with a beautifully designed elegant Oriental, Persian or Tibetan rug. The quality and style of these hand made area rugs makes them a truly beautiful addition to any home.

Tibetan rugs are hand woven from wool and silk into a variety of patterns including geometric and abstract designs as well as the more traditional religious symbols of Buddhism. Some of the more popular designs for Tibetan rugs are flowers, trees, tigers and of course mythological dragons which are very popular as they symbolize power and strength.

The soft colors of the Tibetan area rug can be used to create a stunning effect in a modern home that has been decorated with modern styled glass and chrome furniture, although a Tibetan rug is equally effective when placed on wooden polished floors where more traditional furniture has been used.

Oriental rugs from Asia are available in modern or traditional designs and look spectacular on a polished hardwood floor or tiles. You can purchase beautiful oriental rugs that have been hand knotted in high quality silk or New Zealand wool.

Oriental rugs are generally dyed using ancient time tested vegetable dyeing process. Antique oriental rugs are expensive but with the proper care, they will retain their color and last for many years. Hand made classic rugs from Persia add elegance and charm to the home and the beautiful designs will enhance the look of any room.

Contemporary Persian rugs are made from natural or synthetic fibers, and although wool, cotton and silk are more durable than imitation synthetic materials they tend to also be more expensive. However, a Persian rug in either synthetic or natural fibers will look beautiful as part of your home decor.When shopping for a rug for your home, some of the things you may like to consider are:

  • the materials used,
  • knots per square inch (kpsi),
  • price,
  • and of course the color and design will play a big part in your decision.

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