braided-navy-oval-rugSpruce up your outdoor patio or outdoor living area with an outdoor carpet

Outdoor carpet is a great way of completely changing the look and feel of an outdoor area. Outdoor area rugs are perfect for patios, pool areas and children’s play areas or any outdoor area where the soft feel of carpet is needed under your feet.

Outdoor rugs are a simple and affordable way of covering hard concrete areas and the look of an outdoor rug can completely transform a drab and colorless area.

When shopping for carpet for an outside living area, ensure that the carpet or rug is specifically made for the outdoors. In other words, it should resist the sun’s rays to prevent fading and resist moisture to reduce the build up of mold. Polypropylene is one of the materials used in outdoor carpets and rugs because of its durability.

Outdoor carpet should also be easily washed either by being hosed down or if you have an outdoor area rug then it should be hand or machine-washable.

Braided rugs are particularly attractive in an outdoor area and look particularly good under a patio table. Ensure that if you purchase a braided rug that it is specifically made for the outdoors as it will deteriorate very quickly. Outdoor rugs are cost effective and have the added advantage of being easily relocated if required.

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