stair-runner-floor-protectorAdvantages of stair runners

If you have a set of stairs in your home then you may be thinking about whether to purchase a stair runner.

Apart from the fact that a stair runner looks aesthetically pleasing on your stairs they also have many advantages:

Protection from wear and tear

Your stairs are high traffic areas and without a stair runner your wood stairs will see a lot of wear and tear. It is quite common to see indents in stairs which have developed over the years from constant use. It is a lot more economical to purchase a carpet runner to protect your stairs than to have the stairs fixed.

Provides protection in case of falls

If you have little ones in the house then a stair runner is a must. A carpet on your stairs will soften minor slips and falls.

Softens the sound of footsteps

Anyone with teenagers in the house will know the feeling of heavy feet stomping up and down stairs. A carpet runner on the stairs will help to deaden the sound of heavy feet.

Provides traction

Polished wooden stairs can be a danger particularly to toddlers, children and the elderly. A stair runner will help to provide traction and thus reduce the likelihood of falls

Ensure that you either have the stair runner installed professionally or follow the manufacturers instructions to ensure the runner is installed correctly.

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