wool-sisal-rugWhile sisal can’t really be described as a fad any longer (most fads don’t last decades), it is still one of the most fashionable and desirable types of rugs on the market today. Their distinctive look and feel makes them the perfect complement for thousands of different decors from the ultra modern to the rustic. There are a few important things you need to keep in mind, however, if you are thinking about adding a sisal rug to your home. Before we get to wool sisal rug shopping, there are a few things you should know about this unique fiber.

What is Sisal?

Sisal comes from a plant that was originally thought to be native to Mexico, but botanists aren’t completely sure as to its origin. Today, sisal is grown from Florida south to Brazil and is made into dozens of different products. The sisal plant resembles a small palm tree, with thin green leaves jutting almost straight up in the air. Sisal was originally used primarily in rope and in other similar products, but the recent development of sturdy manmade fibers has forced sisal farmers to use their product for different purposes. Rugs were one of the very first alternate product uses for sisal, but manufacturers soon ran into a bit of a problem.

Why blend with wool?

Sisal is not a soft fabric. The original demand for sisal rugs came from the fact that they looked so unique and so organic, but you wouldn’t want to walk barefoot on one or fall asleep on one. It took until 1992 for a company to figure out the perfect way to blend wool with sisal for a rug that maintained its trademark look while sporting the soft, silky feeling you would expect from a braided oval rug. Today, most sisal rugs that are manufactured and sold in the United States contain a wool blend, although you can still find 100 percent sisal rugs if you like. It is very important when shopping for a sisal rug that you make sure you are buying the type you like; otherwise, you are going to get a product that is very different from the one you want.

What to look for in a wool sisal rug

As stated above, your first priority when shopping for a wool sisal rug is to make sure it contains wool, or if you prefer, is 100 percent pure sisal. If you have chosen to shop online for your wool sisal rug, you want to make sure that the shipping is reasonable and that the company you are dealing with has a solid reputation for selling top quality wool sisal products. You also want to make sure that they have a good return policy, just in case your product doesn’t live up to expectations. Shopping online isn’t really any different than shopping in person. Stick with the names you know and you’ll end up with a product you love. A good wool sisal rug can last decades with proper care.

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