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How to Stop Your Rug from Sliding on the Floor

Premium Lock Non slip padThrow rugs are a great way to add a little bit of style to a bare linoleum or tile floor and area rugs can add warmth and tone to any home.

Placed next to a door they will help keep the floors clean.   You can find everything from a tight weave welcome mat to the most luxurious of Persian rugs. One thing you have to look out for though is those rugs slipping out from under you when you step on them. That’s why it’s so important to stop your rug from sliding on the floor.

If you’re shopping for a throw rug then one solution is to find one with a rubber backing similar to what you would find on a bath mat. This will keep the rug firmly in place.

If you already have a favorite rug but want to keep it fixed firmly to the floor then you can always try sewing a piece of non skid to the underside of the rug.  All you need to do is pick a thread that matches the rug color and throw a couple stitches to it.

If you don’t want to sew in a piece of non skid padding you can always apply a little bit of rubber cement to the underside of the rug. Let it dry and then put the rug back down on the floor. Be sure to use the glue sparingly so it doesn’t soak through to the visible side of the rug.

Also available to you is the Premium Lock Rug Pad for hard wood floor surfaces. This places a piece of padding between the floor and rug.  Place it in the desired location and then put the rug on top of it.

The Benefits of Wool Rugs

pinzon-hand-tufted-kimono-wool-rugWhen you’re choosing a new rug there are all sorts of things to consider. Price, quality, and style are of course the biggest concerns.

But what if you could get all three and also be a bit more environmentally friendly.

Have you considered wool?

Read on for the benefits of wool rugs.

  • Price: Wool rugs are more expensive than conventional ones. But that price is offset by their durability. Wool wears better and lasts much longer than synthetic fabrics.  It will stand up to heavy floor traffic almost on a level with commercial hotel grade carpets but without that industrial look.
  • Quality: Wool is a much better choice than synthetic. By the fabric’s very nature it feels better than any synthetic could.  You pay a bit more but get tons more from it.
  • Style: Wool patterns can be found in any print or color just like a normal commercial carpet. Choosing wool doesn’t pigeonhole you.

So wool and regular carpet look like they’re about the same choice based on the normal consumer concerns. Wool excels since it’s more eco-friendly than commercial grade carpet.

Wool is a natural sustainable resource. It won’t need all the energy to process like a commercial regular carpet would.

Also, wool is a natural fire retardant. So, you don’t have a bunch of nasty chemicals added to it to keep it from going up in flames. Once again less chemical processing is better for the environment not to mention your health.

The benefits of wool rugs far outweigh their synthetic counterparts.  The price is comparable when you figure in how durable wool is. The quality of wool is top notch.  When you consider how much better wool is for the environment than commercial grade carpet then there really is no reason not to choose wool the next time you’re looking to change the look of a room.


Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly Rugs

There are all sorts of toxins in your home. Chances are you try and eliminate them and live healthy. Believe it or not your carpet can be a huge source of toxins. Why should you choose eco-friendly rugs? Your health and less environmental impact.

What is an eco-friendly rug though? Simply put it’s a rug made using natural material and limited processing chemicals. Normal rugs are harsh on not just you but the environment. It takes a lot of petroleum to produce synthetic materials. This leads to higher carbon emissions, which could contribute to global warming.

An eco-friendly rug is made using low impact sustainable fibers such as bamboo and wool.

If you shop around you can find eco-friendly rugs that costs only a little bit more than the synthetic ones.

While protecting the environment is a noble concern. Protecting your health is more practical. The harsh chemicals used in processing normal commercial rugs can give off volatile organic compounds. These VOC’s have been linked to a slew of health problems such as asthma, sick building syndrome and cancer. So if you can eliminate them from your house why wouldn’t you?

Another health issue is sensitive skin. Eco-friendly rugs by their nature use less processing chemicals.  This can reduce the chance for rashes and hives for someone with sensitive skin. You can find hypoallergenic eco-friendly rugs to reduce any risk of an adverse reaction.

These are just a couple reasons why you should choose eco-friendly rugs. Your health is the most important thing you have. At the same time you can reduce your carbon footprint and help save the environment. If you shop around you can find rugs that are comparable in price to commercial ones. They’re available in the same great styles and colors. So why not shop around and find the right one for you.

Disney’s Tinkerbell Huge Area Rug For the Kids Room

Tinkerbell Area RugOkay! be honest now, who doesn’t like Tinkerbell.

Hmm I thought so. Who can resist the antics of the cute little fairy from the Peter Pan story.

Well here she is  all bright eyed and  ready for mischief on the this huge Disney Tinker-bell area rug.

And when I say huge that’s just what I mean. This rug measures 54″ x 80″ so it is going to cover a large area, which is great because it will give the kids a warm area on which to play, if you don’t have wall to wall carpet.

This  Disney Tinker-bell Area rug is  super soft to walk on and it is made of 100% acrylic  with a non-woven backing.

And the beauty of this practical area rug is that it is machine washable in cold water. Of course when you consider the size of the rug you will probably have to take it down to the laudromat and wash it in one of the large commercial washers.

Young girls will certainly love to have this rug in their bedroom or playroom.