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Braided Wool Rugs a Timeless Tradition

Wool Banded Area RugWithout a doubt, the Braided Area Rug is the single most popular style of area rug in North America and maybe the world. You could pick a dozen homes at random throughout the United States and Canada, and expect to find a braided wool rug in at least half of them, if not more.

For millions, these braided rugs have come to symbolize warmth, comfort, and home, so it isn’t surprising to know how many of these rugs are sold each and every year. Online shopping for braided wool rugs is fast becoming the primary way people shop for these beautiful items, but you have to know what to look for first.

What is a braided wool rug?

Braiding a rug is still the most common rug-making technique used in the United States.

You begin with several strips of wool, although synthetic fabrics are sometimes used as well, and you fold over the edges in what will become the middle of the rug.

You begin the braiding process and then continue to add additional pieces of wool as you go on.

In general, the length of the pieces of fabric you start with will determine the length of the rug itself. If you want a rug that measures out at two feet by four feet, you will need approximately two feet and two inches worth of fabric.

Braiding is often chosen as the rug-making technique of choice since braided rugs tend to be very durable, stain resistant, and extremely beautiful.

Benefits of a wool rug

Wool has been the fabric of choice for braided rugs for as long as anyone can really remember, although other fabrics are used in much of today’s modern rug-making.

First and foremost, wool is very soft to the touch and is quite comfortable to walk on, especially compared to a cold hardwood or cement floor.

Wool is also stain resistant, as any rug fabric needs to be. Since most area rugs are beaten or vigorously shaken to clean them, wool has proven to be able to stand up to the harshest punishment and the heaviest traffic.

What to look for when buying online

If you are thinking about purchasing a braided wool rug online, you should make a short checklist of things to look for before you go through with your purchase.

First, make sure the site you have chosen has full color pictures of all the rugs they sell. You need to have a clear, concise idea of what you are buying so if there is a problem, you can clearly point to the picture on the website.

You also need to make sure that the site you’ve chosen offers top quality customer service. The overwhelming majority of online purchases go off without a hitch, but once in a while, things can get mixed up and you need to know that there will be someone there to fix your order right away.

Try to go with sites that offer customer feedback so you know what a site’s reputation is before you start.

There are a number of reputable merchants online such as:
Home Decorators Collection

Here are some other styles that might interest you.

Karastan Area Rugs Represent Beauty and Quality

If you are in the market for area rugs, you surely want to go with a brand name you recognize as well as a name that is known throughout the United States and around the world for quality, durability, and beauty.

Karastan Area Rugs have been the torch-bearer for decades now and it can all be traced back to their one-of-a-kind commitment to quality craftsmanship. Let’s take a closer look at why the Karastan name has stood the test of time and what the future holds for this grand old lady of the flooring business.

The Karastan area rug story began with the invention of a loom capable of duplicating, and some say even surpassing, the same quality, craftsmanship, and detail that you would find from a hand woven rug.

The year was 1928 and within days, the name Karastan became synonymous with quality. When Karastan rugs first hit the marketplace, many in the public sphere didn’t know what to think. The rugs were so meticulously made, people for years couldn’t believe that they were done in a fraction of the time on a loom and not by hand. Eventually, the public came to accept that these rugs weren’t constructed with black magic, but with the caring commitment that only Karastan has shown for the past 80 years.

Perhaps the best known feature of Karastan area rugs is their ability to clean up. Twice in their history, the people behind Karastan rugs have demonstrated that millions of feet can soil their rugs with little or no long term impact. The most famous of these demonstrations happened at the World’s Fair, and the end result astonished just about everyone: a rug that looked un-salvageable was restored to its original luster. It is this ability to withstand even the most heinous punishment that has kept Karastan at the top of the area rug world for years and it is why families will pay a little bit more and go a little bit out of their way to have one of these fine rugs in their home.

Karastan has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to how they make their rugs and what they make them out of. A recent innovation helped to demonstrate that even though the Karastan name may be old, they can certainly learn new tricks.

The last 15+ years has seen an obsession with sisal rugs, but it was Karastan that helped to show the world that sisal rugs can be warm and inviting as well as beautiful. The folks at Karastan came up with a sisal and wool blend that completely revolutionized the industry and made sisal marketable. Chances are, if you see a sisal rug today, it is either a Karastan area rug or it is a rug pioneered by Karastan.

What does the future hold for Karastan? In these tough economic times, it is difficult to tell, but when you consider the fact that Karastan survived the Great Depression and lived on to become America’s most respected name in flooring, the future still looks bright for this legendary company.