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Ultra Plush Rug Pad For Carpet Or Hard Surfaces

Ultra Plush Rug Pad (5' x 8') For Carpet Or Hard Surfaces
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Rug Pads are an essential support system for any area rug. Contrary to popular belief area rugs wear from the bottom up. Rug pads act with several different functions, all at an attractive and affordable price. Aside from increasing the lifetime of your area rug, rug pads also offer safety. They decrease the chances that your area rug will slip, preventing possible injury. They also offer comfort. Adding a rug pad underneath your rug increases the softness and the cushion support when walking on your rug. Rug pads also act as a noise reducer. Adding a pad under your rug[Read More]

Polypropylene Indoor Outdoor Area Rug, Skid Resistant, Washable, Reversible, All Weather

Outdoor Area Rug or Kitchen Mat - 4 X 6 Brown Patio Indoor Outdoor Area Rugs Reversible & Waterproof
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These brown and green garland design area rugs are the perfect marriage of design and functionality. They are woven using multi colored polypropylene threads in a similar way that real flat weave wool area rugs are woven. Completely ingenious, these area rugs have colors and designs usually only available in the interior design rug market but they are completely easy care and are suitable for use as area rugs indoors or outdoors. Put these area rugs down and dont even give them another thought except to admire them! Isnt that what a kitchen rug or outdoor rug should be?

Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Company Wool Area Rug

Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Company 7-Feet by 10-Feet Wool Area Rug, Praline
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Our wool shag collection presents thick, long tufts of wool which are felted for supreme softness and then hand woven to create these original designs. Our premium wool is extremely soft, plush and plentiful and can be woven into gorgeous styles.

Disney Cars Slip Proof Area Rug

Disney Cars Slip Proof Area Rug
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Disney Cars Slip Proof Area Rug size 36 x 22 100% nylon Slip Proof backing

Choosing carpet to compliment your home

Selecting the right carpet to match your oak furniture seems like it should be easy – but be careful; it’s a big decision because once it’s in place , you’ll be living with it for years to come. Things to consider are colours, pricing, available space and the wood tones of your current furniture. Colour alternatives are diverse and include themuted shades of the new, eco-friendly woven wool and berbers. You can also select colours in checkerboard patterns, stripe patterns and subtle florals .

Let’s look at the options :

Step 1: Play it safe with beige or light brown carpeting. They are great with lighter wood styles such as natural oak or pine, they work well with white walls and can handle strong colours from other items such as bold reds or greens of sofas and chairs.

Step 2: Match your desired shade to your desired or planned colour scheme.For example, if your walls are a light shade of taupe, choose a slightly darker shade of taupe for your carpeting to create a rich, multi-layer statement. If you have darker shades on your walls such as cranberry or dark green, use a lighter colour rug otherwise the room will appear to shrink . Dark woods like ash, mahogany or stained oak would be great here .

Step 3: Make a colour choice that is relatively neutral, unless you have a specific use that calls for vibrant colours. A games room, for examplemight look great with a red or black carpet. To compliment bold shades then perhaps consider white painted wood furniture to balance the contrasting shades .

Step 4: Try a carpeting colour visualiser. They’re available online and allow you to select wall and carpet colours as well as textures for any room in your house .

Step 5: Visit a carpet retailer.Bring some carpet swatches home and place them around on the floor you plan to cover so you can compare the colours to the shades of your existing furniture. Make a choice based on how the carpet samples work with wall colours, your personal preferences, cost, type of room and wood shades of your quality oak furniture.

Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

As the outdoor temperatures begin to rise and the days get longer, there are a few things we can generally count on. We know that our homes will be messier, our animals will be smellier, and our carpets will be dirtier. Although we may not be able to prevent these things from happening, at least there a few things we can do to improve the situation once it has occurred. Carpet stain removal, cleaning, and deodorizing are things that will typically be required more during this season than any other. You should not assume that generic carpet cleaners are able to provide the kind of help you need for carpet stain removal. Some types work better on certain rugs. Here are a few tips. 

Determining When and If Your Rugs Need to be Cleaned 

The concept of carpet cleaning can include so many different types of cleaning fluids that it is difficult to determine the best route to take. Although it’s generally advisable to use a can of carpet cleaner on a stain immediately after an accident, most carpets are also able to benefit from regular, professional care. In addition to the immediate improvement in appearance and texture, it is commonly believed that  a rug will last longer if they have received regular care. 

Immediate treatment of a stain is crucial. The first step should be to minimize the damage, specifically by blotting up as much of the stain as possible with a white cloth. Following up with a spray of carpet cleaner can mean the difference between getting rid of the stain, or being forced to live with it for the life of the carpet. If the stain is still present after blotting and spray treatment; reapplication could eliminate the stain. It may be very tempting to use a brush,  but that should be avoided as that may encourage the stain to set. Brushes can also unravel the fibers of the carpet and leave you with an area of rug that looks different, or slightly fuzzy. Always check the directions to make sure the item is appropriate for carpet stain removal on your type of rug.   

The problem with the inexpensive sprays is that they may help to minimize stains and odors, but those stains will still exist. They may not appear on the surface after carpet cleaning, but have contaminated the rest of the carpet strand. Instead of having to run to the nearest store and pick up a cheap bottle of cleaner that you know nothing about, its best to have a predetermined plan of action for emergency spot treatments. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of carpet cleaning experts will be happy to educate you on spot treatments for your particular type of carpet. 

Those Smelly Summer Dogs 

Typically, a larger dog will carry more potential for odor than a smaller dog, and a long haired dog       can smell more strongly than a shorter haired dog.  A long haired dog will also shed more hair. The summer months may be a time when it is easier to hire a professional to perform your carpet deodorizing, instead of trying to do it yourself. Carpets have the ability to hold in quite a bit of odor. Our professionals can clean and deodorize in such a way that will leave your whole house smelling clean and fresh.  

Regularly scheduled biannual cleanings will ensure that your home will be as fresh in the summer months as it was in the winter.  

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