What are the differences between thesestyles of cleaners? Do you select your vacuum just by looks, color etc and do you opt for erect because you don’t like to bend down , or canister because you find uprights too heavy ? If any of these are true in your case , then you need to research further into what you are getting into! search into lists of the best upright vacuum cleaners, the best canister vacuum cleaners, as well as vacuum cleaner reviews by consumers.

First take into account the type of flooring you need your machine to handle; do you have majorly carpeted floors or hard surfaces and are they extensive areas or minor spaces with awkward corners?

For a large carpeted floor , you would need an upright vacuum with a wide cleaning path and powerful suction, with adjustable height for different piles of carpet. For smaller areas, a canister may be a better choice for manoeuvring around furniture and into corners, although some models of upright have attachable flexible hoses and extra-reach tools also . Wooden and hard floors will need a vacuum head which will not damage the surface, while if you have both wood floors and carpets, you will need adjustable or interchangeable heads. Some upright cleaners have automatic height adjustment which will take you smoothly from one type of floor to another.


It is also necessary to look at the space available for manoeuvring your vacuum cleaner, before you select which one to select : in small tight spaces or where there is heavy furniture or immovable objects, a lightweight canister vac with extra-reach tools will give the best performance . a spacious carpeted area which has many high shelves and ledges may require a strong suction canister vacuum with a wide head designed for carpets, or an upright vacuum with a removable and long-reach attachments . Either of these will give you efficient cleaning to your carpet plus the ability to reach into awkward spots.


You also need to decide whether you want a bagless cleaner, with areceptacle to be emptied, or a cleaner with removable or disposable bags. The new style cyclonic cleaners are very popular at the moment, but some people still prefer to continue with the tried and trusted bagged cleaners.

The question of upright cleaners being too heavy for some people to use , is actually quite real; especially in the case of elderly ladies or those with arthritis. However some of the newer models of upright are a lot more lightweight than their older counterparts, but yet possibly a canister could be your best selection .


With the Internet at our fingertips, it is now much easier to research before we purchase : take a look at articles and sites under “best upright vacuum cleaner” “Best canister vacuum cleaner” or “vacuum cleaner reviews” and spare the time to study carefully before making yourdecision .


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