Selecting the right carpet to match your oak furniture seems like it should be easy – but be careful; it’s a big decision because once it’s in place , you’ll be living with it for years to come. Things to consider are colours, pricing, available space and the wood tones of your current furniture. Colour alternatives are diverse and include themuted shades of the new, eco-friendly woven wool and berbers. You can also select colours in checkerboard patterns, stripe patterns and subtle florals .

Let’s look at the options :

Step 1: Play it safe with beige or light brown carpeting. They are great with lighter wood styles such as natural oak or pine, they work well with white walls and can handle strong colours from other items such as bold reds or greens of sofas and chairs.

Step 2: Match your desired shade to your desired or planned colour scheme.For example, if your walls are a light shade of taupe, choose a slightly darker shade of taupe for your carpeting to create a rich, multi-layer statement. If you have darker shades on your walls such as cranberry or dark green, use a lighter colour rug otherwise the room will appear to shrink . Dark woods like ash, mahogany or stained oak would be great here .

Step 3: Make a colour choice that is relatively neutral, unless you have a specific use that calls for vibrant colours. A games room, for examplemight look great with a red or black carpet. To compliment bold shades then perhaps consider white painted wood furniture to balance the contrasting shades .

Step 4: Try a carpeting colour visualiser. They’re available online and allow you to select wall and carpet colours as well as textures for any room in your house .

Step 5: Visit a carpet retailer.Bring some carpet swatches home and place them around on the floor you plan to cover so you can compare the colours to the shades of your existing furniture. Make a choice based on how the carpet samples work with wall colours, your personal preferences, cost, type of room and wood shades of your quality oak furniture.

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