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Upright Vacuums vs Canister Vacuums


What are the differences between thesestyles of cleaners? Do you select your vacuum just by looks, color etc and do you opt for erect because you don’t like to bend down , or canister because you find uprights too heavy ? If any of these are true in your case , then you need to research further into what you are getting into! search into lists of the best upright vacuum cleaners, the best canister vacuum cleaners, as well as vacuum cleaner reviews by consumers.

First take into account the type of flooring you need your machine to handle; do you have majorly carpeted floors or hard surfaces and are they extensive areas or minor spaces with awkward corners?

For a large carpeted floor , you would need an upright vacuum with a wide cleaning path and powerful suction, with adjustable height for different piles of carpet. For smaller areas, a canister may be a better choice for manoeuvring around furniture and into corners, although some models of upright have attachable flexible hoses and extra-reach tools also . Wooden and hard floors will need a vacuum head which will not damage the surface, while if you have both wood floors and carpets, you will need adjustable or interchangeable heads. Some upright cleaners have automatic height adjustment which will take you smoothly from one type of floor to another.


It is also necessary to look at the space available for manoeuvring your vacuum cleaner, before you select which one to select : in small tight spaces or where there is heavy furniture or immovable objects, a lightweight canister vac with extra-reach tools will give the best performance . a spacious carpeted area which has many high shelves and ledges may require a strong suction canister vacuum with a wide head designed for carpets, or an upright vacuum with a removable and long-reach attachments . Either of these will give you efficient cleaning to your carpet plus the ability to reach into awkward spots.


You also need to decide whether you want a bagless cleaner, with areceptacle to be emptied, or a cleaner with removable or disposable bags. The new style cyclonic cleaners are very popular at the moment, but some people still prefer to continue with the tried and trusted bagged cleaners.

The question of upright cleaners being too heavy for some people to use , is actually quite real; especially in the case of elderly ladies or those with arthritis. However some of the newer models of upright are a lot more lightweight than their older counterparts, but yet possibly a canister could be your best selection .


With the Internet at our fingertips, it is now much easier to research before we purchase : take a look at articles and sites under “best upright vacuum cleaner” “Best canister vacuum cleaner” or “vacuum cleaner reviews” and spare the time to study carefully before making yourdecision .


How To Choose A Carpet

The carpet market is really a enormous sector, with many different variations from which to choose. Here are 12 different types of carpet and what they can do for you and your home. Knowing this information will help you to buy a carpet.


Woven carpet is produced on a loom which is very similar to woven cloth, being cut pile. There are many different colored yarns being used and the whole process is capable of making extremely intricate patterns from designs that are generally pre-determined. Generally, woven is the finest quality of carpet on the market.


This kind of carpet is made on a tufting machine by using either a single colored or sometimes a non colored yarn. If non colored is being used, then the carpet will probably be dyed or printed with a design as a separate process. Carpets that are tufted can either be cut pile, loop pile, or a combination of both. Machines can produce far more meters of carpet as compared to weaving, and they are generally at the budget of the market.


The needlefelt type of carpet is more technologically advanced. They are produced by electrostatic attraction of individual fibers which form a distinctive carpet with extremely high durability. You can usually find needlefelt carpet in the contract market such as in hotels or other places where there is always going to be a lot of traffic.


The flatweave carpet is produced by interlocking warp and weft threads. The forms of oriental flatwoven carpet include soumak, plain weave, and tapestry weave. This type is not popular in the North American region, although it is extremely popular in the orient and Japan.

Hooked rug

This is a simple construction of rug which is handmade by pulling strips of cloth like wool or cotton through the meshes of a particularly sturdy fabric. Today, this kind of rug is often called a handicraft.

Knotted pile

With knotted pile carpets, the structural weft threads will alternate with a supplementary weft which will rise from the surface of the weave at a perpendicular angle.

Cut and loop piles

Typically the cut and loop pile combines both looped and cut fibers. They feature a range of surface textures for moderate durability. Cut and loop carpets are available in either solid or varied colors. The several different layers in this carpet will be able to conceal dirt and footprints in formal and casual areas.


Saxony is made up of tightly twisted cut piles which have been heat set straight. They incorporate two or more fibers that have been twisted together in a yarn, and they provide a very soft texture for informal as well as formal areas. They will show each and every footprint and even marks from vacuum cleaners.

Textured saxony

Textured carpet is the best selling and it works well in informal areas because of the extremely soft feel. They’re tightly twisted and texture heat set for moderate durability. Additionally they offer a multi colored look that will hide tracks and footprints.


Both plush and velvet are lightly twisted and offer a uniform color. They are very soft and provide more level than textures. This kind of carpet is perfect for formal areas due to it’s luxurious appearance.


Frieze is a highly twisted cut pile type of carpet that is suited for high traffic areas. It consists of short fibers that will have a tendency to curl in different directions at the surface to hide footprints and vacuum marks.

Level loop pile

The level loop pile is constructed by weaving even loops of yarn into carpet backing at both ends. This type of carpet is durable as well as track resistant, due to the strong loops. Higher loops in the carpet will create a more luxurious look. Also , they are great because they will prevent dirt from filtering into the carpet.

We hope this article will be of help to you when it’s time to buy carpets and rugs.


Carpet Cleaning – Help For Grubby Carpets

Cleaning carpets can be something of a nemesis. If you’re renting, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’re going to have to clean that carpet – possibly by hiring a professional cleaner or by getting in one of those steam cleaning machines – when you do the final tidy up before moving house. And if you’re not renting, well, you probably want to keep your carpets in good nick because the house is YOURS and you can’t blame anyone else for grotty threadbare carpets. Anyway, carpets can be a pain to clean, no matter where you live, mostly because they continually have feet marching all over them and those soft, fluffy fibres trap dirt.
You could, of course, do without a carpet and leave some areas in your house with polished wooden boards warmed up by the occasional mat. However, you will find that this allows more dust to fly around the place and you will need to wield the duster that little bit more often.

Tips for carpet cleaning and keeping them clean:

* Provide decent doormats that actually scrape bits of stray mud off at both your front and back doors and stop a lot of the dirt getting inside in the first place.

* Encourage children (and other family members) to have “outdoor shoes” that never come inside. Have a place for folk to change into and out of these shoes near the door, and allow for plenty of space to store Wellington boots, rugby boots, gardening clogs, etc.

* Take a tip from Asian culture and remove all shoes at the door. This is becoming more and more common. Going barefoot on carpet is a sensual delight, and if it’s chilly, wear thick socks or a good pair of slippers to keep your toes from freezing.

* Vacuum frequently – weekly is the bare minimum.

* Treat all spills, stains and smears as soon as possible after they occur to stop the dirt “setting” into the fibres of your carpet. In many cases, you don’t need a fancy carpet cleaning products – flooding the spot with fresh water (but make sure that the stain doesn’t spread everywhere, which it will if you use too much) followed by blotting with a thick towel.

* Really nasty patches of dirt can be cleaned using natural methods. The very best is… warm soapy water. Don’t use hot water – you may have a bit of protein-based material in the ick that you’re trying to clean, and hot water will set this stain in. Use a medium-stiff scrubbing brush (harder than a toothbrush but softer than what you’d use for scrubbing a tile floor – if you have a brush you use for scrubbing clothes, use that). Make the soapy water foam – this lifts the dirt up and away.

* While soapy water is good for cleaning carpets, don’t use too much and get the carpet absolutely flooded. Too much water will take ages to dry, and while the water’s down there, it will attract more dirt and make a happy home for mildew. The best way to apply the warm soapy water (or any other carpet-cleaning product, home made or otherwise) is to dab a scrubbing brush into a bowl or bucket of the liquid, then letting the excess drip off before scrubbing the surface of the patch to be cleaned.

* It’s best to hire a cleaning machine for cleaning large areas of carpet. These days, you’d be mad if you tried cleaning a whole room of wall-to-wall carpet by hand with a scrubbing brush. Honestly, you have better ways of spending your time!

* Some experts recommend using a broom to sweep over the area of carpet to be cleaned to lift the pile of the carpet and allow the trapped dirt out. You can get a similar effect by using your scrubbing brush dry on the spot before applying the warm soapy water. But use the broom for a once-over if you are cleaning the whole carpet with a steam-cleaning machine.

Enhance Your Living Room, The Persian Area Rug

Rich in antique colors the persian area rug is heavy with intricate weaving, the many colors and motifs where you can get lost in the diversity. Hand woven in many countries around the world such as Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Afghanistan and other orient countries.

The artistic nature of the persian rug is super beautiful because they are woven by hand. Persian rugs have a huge appeal to many people around our world and people will pay any price they have to beautify their home.

Persian rugs created nowadays are created using equipment that is automated , however you can still find the hand woven ones, they have more value of course so they cost much more than the machine created carpets. In Iran carpet weaving is the number one craft of the country . Carpets made in Iran are full of rich colors and created with very artistic patterns. A Persian area rug can be found all around the world in famous buildings, mansions and museums. If you are the owner of a persian carpet you have a most precious possession.

Back in 2002 over $500 million dollars worth of hand woven carpets were exported from Iran, and in 2005 over $600 million. Excuding oil, the persian area rug was the No one export for Iran. In Iran over 5 million people are employed to produce these hand woven beauties .    

The most common type of material used in the production of the carpet would be wool, but they also use cotton in the production run as well for the foundation of the carpet used for cities and office buildings. The type of wool they use would be Manchester wool or Kork wool, and there are times when camel hair wool is used.
Another type of woven carpet is the silk carpet but they are less durable and more expensive . The silk carpets go up in value as time goes on . Because silk carpets don’t hold up very well they are purchased, taken home and hung on the wall for the decor , instead of placing it on the floor. Silk carpets can be traced back to the sixteenth century.

The patterns you see in the Persian carpet have a name, they are called a motifs and the designs used in the carpet have special meanings, ususally referring to the area it was created in. However you can find multiple motifs in one carpet. The Boteh, Gul, Herati, Mina-Khani, Rosette and Shah Abbasi are the most common motifs.    

The Persian carpet embodies the Culture and life style of the people of Iran, they are a valuable piece of art. Taking about ten months to create they become a timeless piece of art. The perfect Carpet for your living or dinning room.

Add Character to Your Living Room with the Help of Round Area Rugs and Antique Persian Rugs

One of the best ways to liven up the look of a room is by adding area rugs. By simply adding a uniquely shaped area rug, you can add a touch of warmth to a room. Another reason for using are rugs is that there is a type that will suit your budget. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money in a pricey antique Persian rug, you can opt for discount area rugs instead.

A Wide Array of Area Rugs to Choose from

There are many types of area rugs available in the market today. Remember that prices vary widely so can either use inexpensive area rugs or the rarest and most expensive rugs in the world. While expensive area rugs like antique Persian rugs bring great impact to the room, there are also ways to change the look of a room without spending that much.

One way to go about doing this is by purchasing discount area rugs. Aside from the fact that they are inexpensive, these area rugs would also instantly add warmth to your room. By simply buying good quality area rugs which you can get at discounted prices during a big sale, for example, you can already up the ante inyour home décor. Naturally, your choice of colors, patterns, designs and materials would also be considered when creating a particular atmosphere for the different rooms in your house with the help of area rugs.

If you want to, you could actually use round area rugs more often instead of the rectangular rugs which are usually used to decorate rooms. The same thing holds true when selecting the most suitable round area rugs to buy – you should consider the color and designs based on the existing décor or color scheme of the room that you are furnishing.

Where to Buy Area Rugs

Visit any specialty or furniture store and you are bound to have a great selection of rugs to choose from. You can simply visit one store after another to make sure that you can take a look at all the options that you have. Another option is to go online and search for the types of area rugs that you want to adorn your home with. Shopping for the area rugs that you need online will even be faster since you would be able to find more rugs at a shorter span of time. It is also a good idea to make a comparison of the different available design and prices. Then you simply have to order and wait for the rugs to get delivered.

Whether you are purchasing the rugs online or from a brick-and-mortar store, your primary consideration should always be to get the best value for your money. So make sure that you will select the best round area rugs which are high-quality and appropriately designed at the same time to up the ante in your home décor.

Contemporary Area Rug, United Weavers Manhattan Times Square Navy Blue

United Weavers of America Time Square Area Rug in Navy (7 ft. 6 in. L x 5 ft. 3 in. W)
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List Price: $59.00
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Wilton woven of soil, stain and fade resistant 100% Olefin Yarn, this affordable rug is a particularly practical choice for discerning people with active household.
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