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Magical Flying Carpets – Tinker Bell Kids Rug

Tinkerbell Non Skid Area RugMany fairy tales include reference to the magical flying carpet that whisks the hero and heroine to safety.

Unfortunately, flying carpets do not exist, however, the magic of beautifully designed carpets does.

Add a magical look to your child’s room with rugs and carpets that depict magical fantasy scenes with dragons and Tinker Belland medieval scenes with knights jousting on horseback, elves and pixies sitting and playing on toadstools or attractive nymphs bathing amongst lily flowers.

With so many lovely rugs available today the fun is in the choosing.

The facing side of this fun Tinkerbell rug is made from 100% nylon and it has a non skid backing. This makes it easy to care for as you can machine wash the rug in cold water.

This lovely kids rug measures 40″ x 60″ (100cm x 150cm)

CLICK HERE To buy this bold and bright rug for your young girls room.

La Vita e Bella (Life is beautiful) Slice Rug


Unfortunately this beautiful slice rug is no longer available

However I have found another slice rug in a similar theme that will also look great on your kitchen floor while keeping the Italian  look  with pears and  grapes.

This is the Bacova Toscana Slice Mat which features a centre pattern of pears and grapese Your kitchen will take  on a touch of Italian charm with the handcrafted floorcovering.

 This rug can be machine washed.

It has a non-slip rubber  backing to prevent slipping and possible accidents.

You can  buy the Bacova Toscana Slice Mat at Amazon.

Bacova Toscana Slice Mat – Kitchen Slice Rug

slice-rug-bacova-toscanaBring a touch of  Italian style  into your home with this attractive slice mat featuring pears and grapes.

Slice rugs are the perfect compliment to bare floors and can be used both inside and outdoors, although they  are generally used in the kitchen.

The Bacova Toscana slice mat has a non-slip base to keep in place and stop it from skidding.

Plus this beautiful slice rug is is machine washable for easy care.

This mat measures approximately 17.5″ x 29.5″

Modern rugs: a contemporary look for a modern home

modern-contemporary-block-geometric-area-rugFor a touch of style and elegance try a modern rug

Modern rugs are a perfect way to create a contemporary look in your home. Whether you have money to spend or are on a strict budget, the internet has just the rug you are looking for. Just take a look at the extensive range at Amazon for instance. They have over 3000 different modern and contemporary rugs to choose from.

Contemporary rugs designed by famous designers such as, Dakota Jackson, Benjamin Noreiga-Ortiz and Calven Klein not only look fantastic on your floor but are also a great investment. With their bold, modern geometric designs you will not only have a soft carpet underfoot but also a work of art that will create a focal point for any room.

Art rugs inspired by 20th century artists such as Andy Warhol, create a vibrant, bold and stylish look with art deco or abstract accents. Such sophisticated designs will add a touch of class to any modern room.

If you are on a budget then there is no need to compromise. Well-made contemporary and modern rugs are available online at a fraction of what you would expect to pay and will provide you with the same look and feel as an expensive designer rug.

Shag rugs have a very modern look and are the ultimate in style and elegance. Modern shag rugs come in a variety of textures from wool to leather in short or long pile lengths.

Leather shag rugs are very much in vogue and have a beautiful soft feel that is hard to resist. Available in a variety of subtle earth tones, these rugs will add a touch of softness and warmth to a contemporary home.

Even kids rugs are available in modern designs that will brighten up your child’s room and create a fun space that they won’t want to leave. When choosing a rug for your kids room, let them help make the decision – they will enjoy it all the more.

Teenagers will either appreciate vibrant modern rugs in POP Art designs or depending on their current fad, dark colored rugs to suit the dungeons and dragons mood that teenagers tend to go through. The range of modern and contemporary rugs available on line will suit any taste in style and color.

A Guide To Chinese Oriental Area Rugs

Chinese area rugs are distinctive and unique among most other Oriental rugs for a number of reasons. Their style, color, motifs and patterns all stand outside the norm for area rugs created in other Eastern and Near Eastern countries. Below is a guide to colors, shapes, motifs and patterns common in Chinese area rugs to help you in your choices.

Shape in Chinese Area Rugs

Of all the Orientals, Chinese area rugs are the most likely to be round in shape. That is not to say that round is the predominant shape for Chinese area rugs – rather, that a round area rug is more likely to be of Chinese design than from any other region. Often, a round Chinese area rug will center its design around a central medallion that incorporates a symbol of some sort.

Colors in Chinese Area Rugs

Common background colors for Chinese area rugs are white, beige, yellow, ivory, pink, apricot and peach. Yellow is one of the most common, as it denotes royalty and symbolizes power. Blue, white and pink are common colors for the working of motifs in Chinese area rugs. Overall, Chinese area rugs tend to be done in lighter, clearer colors than most Orientals, which tend to favor rich, dark colors. This is as much because of the Chinese penchant for symbolism over decoration – most Chinese area rugs are designed with symbolic meanings rather than as simple decorative accents for a room.

Motifs in Chinese Area Rugs

Unlike many other styles of Oriental rugs, Chinese area rugs are seldom designed to blend and combine separate motifs into a united overall design. More often, each motif is meant to stand on its own, and has a definite symbolic meaning. A Chinese merchant, for instance, might commission an area rug for his home that uses the symbols for prosperity and good luck, or one for his son’s marriage that was woven with a pattern of butterflies for a happy marriage and peonies for love, incorporating his wishes for his son’s life into the wedding rug.

Patterns in Chinese Area Rugs

As with motifs, repeating patterns found in Chinese area rugs are often symbolic. Some of the common motifs used in repeating patterns in borders and overall designs include butterflies, birds and bats – all symbols of good luck and happiness – or squares, lozenges and other lattice work designs. A common lattice design is interlocking Chinese frets which resemble swastikas. A border of Chinese frets on Chinese area rugs symbolizes 10,000 happiness – an infinite number in Chinese symbology.

Round Rugs and Octagonal Rugs

mural-red-round-area-rugFor a unique look, try a round rug

If you are looking for a unique way to create a focal point for a room, think about placing round or octagonal rugs in the centre of the room.

Round rugs in a square or rectangle room look quite spectacular and with the vast range of colors and patterns available online today you will have no trouble finding a rug to brighten up your décor.

Round area rugs are available to suit your dining room, family room, lounge, kitchen and outdoor areas in fact any room that you decide to dress up. These rugs particularly suit areas under round dining tables, outdoor patio areas and kids rooms.

Area rugs are traditionally manufactured in rectangular shapes, but these conventionally shaped rugs are not always suited to all situations. Round or octagonal rugs are versatile and can be placed in a wide variety of areas.

Round rugs can be handmade or machine manufactured in silk, wool or any other material that rugs are generally made of. The choice of material will depend on where the rug is to be situated and your budget.

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