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Cheap Rugs: Are They Really Worth It?

Shop online today for discount area rugs

Looking for a bargain?

If you on a budget you are probably limited to what you can spend on rugs for your home. Keep in mind that there can be a difference between cheap rugs and discounted rugs.

Buying cheap rugs that show wear after a few months is a waste of money. So do your homework when buying rugs to make sure that you are getting a reasonable quality product at a discounted price.

After all cheap doesn’t necessarily mean that a rug will be of poor quality or substandard. Cheap area rugs can be found online and it really just depends on each individual’s idea of ‘cheap’.

A Persian rug discounted by 80% might be cheap for someone who can afford a quality hand-woven rug but for someone else on a limited budget it still might be considered expensive. The time and effort expended on creating these masterpieces is reflected in the price.

Fortunately for you, the internet has a plethora of cheap area rugs so you are sure to find the right rug for your home no matter what your taste and budget. Cheap braided rugs, sisal rugs, oriental and Persian rugs, contemporary and more are all heavily reduced because most online merchants buy and sell wholesale, meaning they can pass the savings directly onto you the customer.

There is no need to compromise on quality when buying discount rugs. If you shop carefully, you will definitely find a bargain.

The Art of Crochet Rag Rugs

The art of crocheting useful articles from worn out clothing created some of the most unusual area rugs of the past two centuries.

The colonial housewife and her descendants believed in the maxim ‘Use it up, wear it out, and make it do!’ When clothing, sheets, blankets and other household cloths became too worn to serve their original purpose, they were torn into strips and used to make other things that the household needed.

Rugs were a natural, and the techniques used included weaving, braiding, looping, tying and crocheting.

Crocheted rag rugs are either worked in back and forth rows of stitches for square or rectangular rugs, or in rounds, for oval, round or some other shaped rugs like hearts. Square and rectangular rugs can also be worked in rounds, but the increases can be more difficult to control than straight back and forth stitching.

The material used is strips of cloth, either torn or cut in lengths from fabric, then joined together end to end by a variety of methods. The stitch most often used is single crochet, which gives a firm texture and surface to the rug, but there have been a variety of stitches used for rag rugs depending on the materials used and the fashion.

Since crocheted rag rugs are extremely durable, there are many vintage rugs available. They can often be found at flea markets, antique and vintage stores, and even on eBay and other auction sites. The amount you can expect to pay for a vintage crocheted rag rug depends on the material, age and condition of the rug. If you absolutely love the look and don’t care about vintage, there are any number of artisans who create crocheted rag rugs for sale and for custom orders.

Cleaning and caring for a crocheted rag rug is as individual as the rug itself. Since it’s difficult to know whether fabrics used in the rugs construction are colorfast or even washable, it’s safest to have the rug dry-cleaned. Before cleaning with any chemical cleaner, test a swatch of it to make sure that the fabric won’t be damaged by the cleaning chemicals.

Want to create your own? Crochet supply houses carry rolls of strip fabric in an array of patterns and colors that can be used for crocheting rag rugs. You can also find many patterns for crocheting rag rugs on the internet. The most important things to remember are to use a crochet hook that gives you an even tension working with the fabric strips.

Crocheting rugs from rags is a unique craft that can give you the satisfaction of creating something from throwaways!

How To Buy Cheap Area Rugs Online

Buying online is a great way to grab a bargain.

Cheap area rugs can be easily found online with just a few clicks of your mouse. Most online rug merchants are able to reduce prices by up to 80% over regular retail merchants because of low overheads and no middleman.

Oriental and Persian rugs are always in great demand but these rugs are often very expensive meaning the opportunity of ever purchasing one of these beautiful carpets is often reduced. Persian and oriental rugs can be purchased online with savings of up to 80% making these rugs available to almost anyone.

Whether you are after rugs for your bathroom, kitchen, kid’s room or outdoor area, the internet has a huge range to make your shopping easy. Carpet runners, round and octagonal rugs, kids rugs, bath mats, Persian and oriental rugs – the list is endless.

The advantages of buying area rugs online include:

• No pressure salesmen
• Discounts of up to 80%
• Free shipping
• Detailed product descriptions to help with your purchase
• Shop anytime day or night
• No need to battle the crowds and drive from shop to shop looking for a bargain

Remember when buying area rugs online that you look for a quality merchant who is able to provide the following:

• Secure shopping
• A money back guarantee
• Contact numbers for queries
• Free shipping

Also keep in mind that purchasing cheap area rugs online does not necessarily mean that you are sacrificing quality. Cheap equates to discount not shoddy.

Rugs to Suit Any Home Decor

Beautify your home with quality rugs including braided, oriental, Persian rugs, bathroom rugs and more

Rugs are a great way of changing the look and feel of a room. For a reasonable price you can change a drab and boring room and make it into something more colorful and interesting.

Rugs come in a huge range of styles, colors and designs so there is no reason for not finding the perfect rug for you. You can purchase braided rugs, oriental and Persian rugs as well as rugs for specific rooms or areas of your home like bathroom rugs, kitchen rugs, outdoor rugs and kids rugs.

Rugs are an expression of your style and as rugs come in so many different designs, from traditional to contemporary; you can choose something subtle or go for the extreme with bold dramatic colors and geometric designs. The choice is yours.

An area rug can be placed in almost any room of the house and is a great way of protecting high traffic areas or your expensive wall-to-wall carpet. Rugs can completely transform rooms especially those with hard wood floors.

If you really want something special then you can purchase a Persian rug. These rugs are hand-made and always look stunning in any home. They have a look and feel that just can’t be beat.
Braided rugs are another beautiful style of rug. Braided rugs are made from fabrics or yarns and are woven together in spectacular designs. Braided rugs are versatile and will suit almost any room of the house including kitchens and bathrooms.

Afghan rugs – A Background to Afghan Rugs

In 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, sending thousands of refugees fleeing into Pakistan. The fleeing Afghanis brought with them a flood of rug designs and rug techniques and Afhgan area rugs. Those rugs have become a staple on the international Oriental rug market.

Afghan rugs are a deceptively simple categorization of a number of very distinct weaving styles that incorporate different colors, weaving techniques and styles. The Afghan rugs that make their way to the United States are often the product of displaced refugees working in Pakistan and Iran, or slowly sifting their way back into Afghanistan. Like any other art, those who create it are influenced by the things that they see and hear around them, including the rug designs being created by other artists in their area.

Traditional Afghan area rugs are created in tribal patterns that have been handed down from generation to generation. While we refer to them as Afghan ‘rugs’, many serve other purposes than carpeting. An ‘engsi’, for instance, is an Afghan rug that’s meant to serve as a cover over the entrance of a tent door. Along with the engsi, a young Afghani girl might also have woven a ‘kapunuk’, a shaped Afghan rug that is designed to fit over and around the door to the tent. Hand-woven bag fronts and decorated woven bands for use in ornamenting walls of tents are also common, and commonly sold here as ‘Afghan rugs’.

For many Afghani women, widowed by the ongoing wars that have ravaged Afghanistan, weaving rugs is one of the few sources of income available. Many labor for up to a year on a single hand-knotted Afghan rug – or create smaller pieces to sell at bazaar or to foreigners who come to markets. Far too often, the price paid for their work is negligible – but the Afghan rugs that they sell are resold for thousands on the open market.

Chicago philanthropist Connie Duckworth traveled to Afghanistan several years ago, and what she saw there ‘touched my heart’, she says. Upon her return, Duckworth founded Arzu, Inc., a Chicago based non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and help Afghani women through the purchase and resale of Afghan rugs. In the process, the organization funds schools and literacy programs and supports female rug weavers with quality materials and a market that pays fair value for their work.

Arzu means ‘hope’ in Dari, the main language in Afghanistan, and that is what Duckworth is spreading among the returning refugees in the war-torn land. Arzu pays Afghan rugs exporters to supply the finest materials available to women who join the program – yarns and dyes as well as traditional Afghan rug patterns. In return for their participation, the women agree to attend a literacy program and to send their children to school – particularly their daughters. When each Afghan rug is completed, Arzu pays one half the expected market price of the rug to the woman up front, then sells the rugs at charity auctions. The rest of the proceeds for the sales of the Afghan rugs funds literacy efforts.

A recent auction sold 13 handmade Afghan rugs and netted $43,000 that will be used to educational and health services for the families who are part of the project. Arzu is an example of grass roots charity at its best, building on the strengths of a people to mend and strengthen its weaknesses. With 120 families enrolled in the program already, Duckworth hopes that their success will spur others to join, and looks forward to the day when her efforts pay off in helping to rebuild Afghanistan, one Afghan rug at a time.

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