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What to Buy – Wall to Wall Carpet or Area Rugs?

Purchasing wall to wall carpet rather than area rugs depends on a number of factors the first being ‘ your preference’ followed by your budget and then whether or not you have polished floors, tiles or slate.

If you have polished floors you will more than likely consider  the purchase of area rugs so that the rug is nicely edged by the wood or tiles. However, wall to wall carpet creates a total look to a room and gives you a nice base from which to incorporate your overall color scheme.

CLICK HERE to read about the advantages and disadvantages  of  purchasing either wall-to-wall-carpet or an area rug for your home.  Our guide will help you to make the decision on which is best for you.

How to Look After Your Flokati Rug

flokati-rug-natural-white-runner Flokati Rugs traditionally come from Greece. They are generally woven from wool, making these rugs are the perfect addition to any home.

The best way to look after your Flokati rug is to shake it out regularly to free any dirt and to lift the wool pile.

Its best not to use a vacuum cleaner but if you do, use an attachment that is gentle on the rug or just the hose but make sure you vacuum carefully so as not to damage the rug..

Authentic wool Flokati rugs should  be washed by hand in warm water using a mild detergent. Although I have seen rugs that are machine washable on a gentle cycle in cold water. Just follow the manufacturers instructions on how to care for your particular rug.

Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry flat in a shady spot. DO NOT place your Flokati rug in the dryer.

If the rug is grubby you may prefer to have it cleaned professionaly.

STOPS Trivia Game Rug Helps Kids Learn about the US

Stops Trivia Game Kids RugWhy not dress up the kids room with a colorful rug featuring a map of the US.

The Rectangular STOPS Trivia Game Rug is based on the award winning geography trivia game STOPS© so not only will the room look great but it gives your kids the opportunity to  learn more about the United States.

They can answer answer questions from landmarks and state capitals to American History which will help them to remember facts about their country.

The American flag is displayed  along with numbers, state abbreviations, the country regions and surrounding oceans.


  • The rug has a Class I flammability rating.
  • Lifetime antistatic, antimicrobial, soil and stain protections
  • 100% high twist premium nylon
  • Tufted cut pile construction
  • High fiber density
  • 10 year wear warranty

The STOPS Trivia Game rug is available in the following sizes:

  • 54″ x 78″
  • 78″ x 109″

There is also a great looking 7’7″ round Stops Trivia Game kids rug available:

Stops Trivia Game Rug


La Vita e Bella (Life is beautiful) Slice Rug


Unfortunately this beautiful slice rug is no longer available

However I have found another slice rug in a similar theme that will also look great on your kitchen floor while keeping the Italian  look  with pears and  grapes.

This is the Bacova Toscana Slice Mat which features a centre pattern of pears and grapese Your kitchen will take  on a touch of Italian charm with the handcrafted floorcovering.

 This rug can be machine washed.

It has a non-slip rubber  backing to prevent slipping and possible accidents.

You can  buy the Bacova Toscana Slice Mat at Amazon.

Zebra Print Area Rugs

zebra-rugWhile no one will mistake a zebra print area rug for art, the right rug in the right environment can add a lot of character to a room. The key here is knowing when to add such a rug and when to go a more traditional route. Zebra print rugs come in every shape, every size, and every price range, from extremely affordable to extremely expensive. Let’s take a look at some situations in which having a zebra print area rug would be perfect and we’ll also take a look at some shopping tips for folks looking to get their zebra print rug online.

A zebra print area rug can look perfect in the right setting. Kids everywhere, at one time or another, want an animal print rug or wall hanging of their very own, so don’t be surprised if your teenager asks for one. They can be placed directly over the carpet or over hardwood to give your child a soft place to play or to hang out on. If you have a basement bar or den that is for watching sports, throwing parties, and having fun, a zebra print rug would be the perfect addition. They also look great in a game room or in a romper room used by both the kids and adults. Of course, if you have decided to do your entire home in animal prints, a zebra print rug would fit right in, even in the living room, but since this pattern choice is somewhat rare, most people use zebra print rugs for more casual settings.

Perhaps the best advice for anyone shopping for a zebra print rug is to keep a close eye on the price and on the size. Most people think that unless you are buying an actual zebra skin rug, a zebra print area rug is going to be on the inexpensive side, but that is not always the case. Some manufacturers out there understand that while the market for high end animal pattern rugs may be small, it does exist, so if you head online to buy yours, make sure you double check the price before you buy. You also need to be sure that you understand your space limitations. This is especially true if you are going from metric to non metric or back. Sometimes people manage to mix up feet and inches since the designation for the two are so similar.

Each kind of zebra print rug will have its own specific care instructions, so don’t assume that one is going to be machine washable until you read the fine print. If you purchase your zebra print rug online, the care instructions should be clearly listed, otherwise you may want to call the online retailer and ask. Even a cheap zebra print rug should last a year or two in areas in which heavy traffic occurs, so if yours breaks down sooner, you might want to talk to the company you bought it from. A hit with kids and a perfect match for the casual environment, zebra print area rugs are one of America’s favorite guilty pleasures.

Bacova Toscana Slice Mat – Kitchen Slice Rug

slice-rug-bacova-toscanaBring a touch of  Italian style  into your home with this attractive slice mat featuring pears and grapes.

Slice rugs are the perfect compliment to bare floors and can be used both inside and outdoors, although they  are generally used in the kitchen.

The Bacova Toscana slice mat has a non-slip base to keep in place and stop it from skidding.

Plus this beautiful slice rug is is machine washable for easy care.

This mat measures approximately 17.5″ x 29.5″

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