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5×8 Blue Persian Kashan Rug

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This brand new persian rug is made of Polypropylene in the Kashan province of Iran in the Kashan style.

5×8 Red Persian Tabriz Rug

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This brand new persian rug is made of Polypropylene in the Azarbayjan province of Iran in the Tabriz style.

Karastan Rugs – A Stylish & Elegant Addition

karastan-persian-renaissance-nain-black-area-rugFor beauty and quality place  a Karastan rug in your home

Since 1928, Karastan have been manufacturing beautiful area rugs in a huge range of styles and colors. Karastan originally reproduced Persian and oriental style rugs and created a loom which allowed the pile to show through the back of the rug thus mimicking the hand-woven oriental originals. Today, Karastan have extended their range to include a variety of styles and designs as well as broadloom carpet.

The Karastan name has endured with beautiful quality rugs that stand the test of time. To test their durability, back in 1933 at the Worlds Fair, Karastan put one of their rugs on display and allowed the public to walk all over it. After more than 5 million people walked over the rug, half of it was cleaned. According to Karastan, the rug still exists with half still showing the stains left by millions of feet and the other half returned to its former glory.

Genuine oriental and Persian rugs are a wonderful investment but the time and effort that goes into their creation is reflected in the price and for many is well out of their price range. Karastan Rugs are the perfect alternative that will allow you to create the same effect as a genuine rug but at a fraction of the cost.

The Karastan rug mill utilizes chemically stable dyes and high quality worsted wool from New Zealand which gives the rugs their lasting quality. Karastan rugs are custom made to look like traditional antique Persian carpets and their prices are competitive.

Simply remember a few basic rules to keep your Karastan rug looking pristine:

  • Vacuum daily in high traffic areas and less often in areas where there is less traffic.
  • Clean spills immediately with water and clear soap using a non-pigmented cloth to absorb any fluid.
  • Use flat plastic discs under heavy furniture to prevent indentations into the rug, which may sever the fibers.

Caring for your Oriental Rug

Extend the life of your oriental rug with these hints and tips

If you own a genuine Persian or oriental rug then you will know that you have an expensive piece of artwork in your home that needs to be looked after properly. Therefore, keeping the rug clean and well cared for is vital to ensure its longevity. This guide will provide you with a few tips and hints to help you care for your oriental rug.

1. Vacuum regularly to prevent a build up of dirt and grime which can eventually ruin the rug.
2. Vacuum or sweep under the area rug.
3. Don’t vacuum the fringes of the rug; instead use a broom to sweep away debris.
4. Rotate your oriental rug regularly to avoid fading from any sunlight coming into the room or high traffic causing wear and tear.
5. Use rug pads under your oriental area rug to reduce slipping and sliding of the rug and to provide extra cushioning.
6. Clean up stains immediately using a carpet cleaning solution that is suitable for oriental carpets. Always spot check on an inconspicuous area before using.
7. Have your oriental rug cleaned by a professional every 12 months or so. Ensure that the company is an expert in treating oriental and Persian carpets.
8. If your oriental rug is ever damaged, take it to a rug repairer who has extensive experience in repairing oriental and Persian rugs.

Handmade and Machine Manufactured Oriental and Persian Rugs

persian-palace-rugOriental rugs are known for their quality and beauty. Good quality rugs from the orient are a valuable investment for your home. The traditional look of an oriental or Persian rug will last a lifetime and will add elegance and style to your home. Some oriental rugs are so beautiful that it is almost a shame to place them on the floor.

Genuine oriental hand-woven rugs are piled or flat woven fabric hand-knotted in one of the traditional weaving areas of Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, Turkey, some of the southern territories of the old Soviet Union (like Azerbaijan or Armenia), Balkan countries like Romania and Albania, and some North African countries like Morocco and Egypt.

Whether you are purchasing a hand-made genuine hand knotted rug or machine manufactured oriental rug design you will have a quality product that will last for years. Oriental rugs are available in an incredible variety of styles and colors. With the number of designs on offer, the hardest choice will be deciding on which beautiful design you want for your home.

Buying online is a great way to purchase oriental and Persian carpets. You can view each carpet without being pressured and can take your time in your search for just the right rug.

Amazon have a great range of oriental rugs. You can browse their product range here.

How to Best Choose Persian Carpets

For quality and style choose a Persian carpet

If you are thinking about purchasing Persian carpets for your home, you should first stop and make a plan. These beautiful rugs are similar to pieces of art, and you will want to insure that the Persian carpet that you select will best fit into your home’s décor.

After all, an area rug—especially one like a Persian carpet—will be the base and focal point of your entire room’s design, so you will want to make sure that you begin your work with a good foundation. If done correctly, a Persian carpet can pull together all of the elements of your room’s design, creating a well-thought out look that complements the rest of your home.

You’ll first want to determine what sized Persian carpet you need. You will be faced with many options when purchasing a Persian rug, so it’s best to pull out your tape measure and get an idea of the perfect size before shopping. You can purchase a smaller carpet to act in a small space, such as under a grouping of chairs, or under a coffee table. If you want to cover most of the room’s space, look for a larger rug that will do the trick.

In addition to using rugs as a base, you can use a Persian carpet to accent a space as well. For example, use a rug runner for stairs or to cover a well-worn or high traffic area. You can also use smaller Persian carpets to connect spaces, such as short hallways that connect a room with a sitting area.

Next, you’ll want to consider the best color for your Persian carpet. Because the very essence of Persian rugs is the rich designs that are woven into them, you’ll need to look for just that perfect combination of color and design. Today’s Persian carpets are available in so many colors and patterns that you’ll likely be faced with some tough decisions!

After you have determined the best size and colors for your Persian carpet, it’s time to go shopping!

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