5×8 Blue Persian Kashan Rug

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This brand new persian rug is made of Polypropylene in the Kashan province of Iran in the Kashan style.

Handmade and Machine Manufactured Oriental and Persian Rugs

persian-palace-rugOriental rugs are known for their quality and beauty. Good quality rugs from the orient are a valuable investment for your home. The traditional look of an oriental or Persian rug will last a lifetime and will add elegance and style to your home. Some oriental rugs are so beautiful that it is almost a shame to place them on the floor.

Genuine oriental hand-woven rugs are piled or flat woven fabric hand-knotted in one of the traditional weaving areas of Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, Turkey, some of the southern territories of the old Soviet Union (like Azerbaijan or Armenia), Balkan countries like Romania and Albania, and some North African countries like Morocco and Egypt.

Whether you are purchasing a hand-made genuine hand knotted rug or machine manufactured oriental rug design you will have a quality product that will last for years. Oriental rugs are available in an incredible variety of styles and colors. With the number of designs on offer, the hardest choice will be deciding on which beautiful design you want for your home.

Buying online is a great way to purchase oriental and Persian carpets. You can view each carpet without being pressured and can take your time in your search for just the right rug.

Amazon have a great range of oriental rugs. You can browse their product range here.

How to Best Choose Persian Carpets

For quality and style choose a Persian carpet

If you are thinking about purchasing Persian carpets for your home, you should first stop and make a plan. These beautiful rugs are similar to pieces of art, and you will want to insure that the Persian carpet that you select will best fit into your home’s décor.

After all, an area rug—especially one like a Persian carpet—will be the base and focal point of your entire room’s design, so you will want to make sure that you begin your work with a good foundation. If done correctly, a Persian carpet can pull together all of the elements of your room’s design, creating a well-thought out look that complements the rest of your home.

You’ll first want to determine what sized Persian carpet you need. You will be faced with many options when purchasing a Persian rug, so it’s best to pull out your tape measure and get an idea of the perfect size before shopping. You can purchase a smaller carpet to act in a small space, such as under a grouping of chairs, or under a coffee table. If you want to cover most of the room’s space, look for a larger rug that will do the trick.

In addition to using rugs as a base, you can use a Persian carpet to accent a space as well. For example, use a rug runner for stairs or to cover a well-worn or high traffic area. You can also use smaller Persian carpets to connect spaces, such as short hallways that connect a room with a sitting area.

Next, you’ll want to consider the best color for your Persian carpet. Because the very essence of Persian rugs is the rich designs that are woven into them, you’ll need to look for just that perfect combination of color and design. Today’s Persian carpets are available in so many colors and patterns that you’ll likely be faced with some tough decisions!

After you have determined the best size and colors for your Persian carpet, it’s time to go shopping!

Rug Care Guide

Tips and hints for caring for your area rug

Buying a good quality rug for your home is a great investment that will last for many years providing it is looked after correctly. One of the advantages of buying a rug as opposed to wall-to-wall carpet is that you can take the rug with you if and when you move house.

Deciding when to clean your rug will depend if the rug is in a high traffic area of your home. Cleaning your rug yourself is an option but if you have a hand-woven or an expensive rug it would probably be best to leave it in the hands of professionals.

Vacuum your rug as required and ensure that you vacuum under the rug as dust and dirt accumulates underneath. Avoid using the beater bar of the vacuum on the fringes as they can easily be pulled loose.

Use a broom to dislodge the dirt or depending on the size of the rug, simply take the rug outside and shake it well. There are times when no amount of vacuuming appears to revive your rug; then it is time to have the rug professionally cleaned.

Rotate your rug regularly to ensure that there is an even distribution of wear. This is particularly important if the rug is placed in an area where the sun shines onto the rug. Continual sunshine will eventually cause the rug to fade.

The repair of rugs is a recognized trade and it is best to have any damage to your rug repaired by a rug repairer. If you own a hand-woven oriental or Persian rug and notice even just a small hole then it is imperative that you take it in as soon as possible to be repaired.

A rug repairer craftsman will be able to repair almost any type of damage to your rug, including very large holes or breaks. When you have purchased an expensive quality rug, then you will want to make sure it is kept in prime condition.

To prolong the life of your rug, purchase rug pads to cushion your rugs and provide a softer base to walk on. Rug pads also provide a means of preventing the rug from slipping, particularly on hard wood floors.

Just following a few basic steps will keep your rug looking pristine.

Oriental and Tibetan Rugs

hand-knotted-tibetan-rugShop online for Tibetan, oriental and Persian rugs and save

Enhance your decor with a beautifully designed elegant Oriental, Persian or Tibetan rug. The quality and style of these hand made area rugs makes them a truly beautiful addition to any home.

Tibetan rugs are hand woven from wool and silk into a variety of patterns including geometric and abstract designs as well as the more traditional religious symbols of Buddhism. Some of the more popular designs for Tibetan rugs are flowers, trees, tigers and of course mythological dragons which are very popular as they symbolize power and strength.

The soft colors of the Tibetan area rug can be used to create a stunning effect in a modern home that has been decorated with modern styled glass and chrome furniture, although a Tibetan rug is equally effective when placed on wooden polished floors where more traditional furniture has been used.

Oriental rugs from Asia are available in modern or traditional designs and look spectacular on a polished hardwood floor or tiles. You can purchase beautiful oriental rugs that have been hand knotted in high quality silk or New Zealand wool.

Oriental rugs are generally dyed using ancient time tested vegetable dyeing process. Antique oriental rugs are expensive but with the proper care, they will retain their color and last for many years. Hand made classic rugs from Persia add elegance and charm to the home and the beautiful designs will enhance the look of any room.

Contemporary Persian rugs are made from natural or synthetic fibers, and although wool, cotton and silk are more durable than imitation synthetic materials they tend to also be more expensive. However, a Persian rug in either synthetic or natural fibers will look beautiful as part of your home decor.When shopping for a rug for your home, some of the things you may like to consider are:

  • the materials used,
  • knots per square inch (kpsi),
  • price,
  • and of course the color and design will play a big part in your decision.

How to Care for Wool Rugs

wool-carpet-mille-fiori-by-habaWool rugs are generally hard wearing, long lasting and resistant to dirt. For this reason, wool rugs are often used in high traffic areas although oriental and Persian wool rugs or rugs with a fine weave are the exception due to their susceptibility to wear and tear.
The natural look and feel of wool is in great demand in area rugs.

New Zealand wool is considered to be one of the best in the world. Many well known carpet manufacturers weave their area rugs from 100% New Zealand wool.

Care of wool rugs

1. Vacuum regularly to prevent the build up of dust and dirt. Also regularly vacuum under the rug as dirt will fall through the fibers to the flooring underneath.

2. Remove stains immediately. Purchase a carpet stain remover suitable for wool rugs and use as soon as a stain is found. Always spot test on a conspicuous area of the rug before using to ensure the stain remover doesn’t bleach your carpet.

3. Have your wool rug professionally cleaned every six months or as required. Ensure you use a reputable carpet cleaning company.
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